edward green
Edward Green was a man with a singular passion for shoes. Starting in the industry as a twelve-year-old apprentice, Edward was driven by an ambition to make a better class of shoe. He established his own workshop in Northampton in 1890, gathering around him the town’s most illustrious craftsmen, each an expert in their respective field, and sourced the best materials for them to work with.

“Excellence without compromise,” was his promise and soon his name became associated with the finest English Goodyear Welted footwear, gracing style icons from Ernest Hemingway to Edward, the Duke of Windsor.

Every time we need to curate a new brand to our store, our consideration is based upon certain factors; reliability, aesthetic value and most importantly, craftsmanship. For when we were considering about Edward Green - it was rather simple - We adore their shoes and frankly, we don’t know a single person who doesn’t feel the same way.

To represent them, it gives us such thrills. For us, Edward Green is beyond a shoemaker, the brand itself is a British icon, just imagine yourself driving in the English countryside in an Aston Martin DB5 - tell us what is the shoe stepping on the gas.