The Journey of a Bespoke Suit by Liverano & Liverano Sartoria

To go around the earth and come back where you start, it's a 40,075 km journey (40,008 km if you take the route via north and south pole but we reckon it'd be rather nippy) It's not only the distance, it's the period of time as well. Liverano & Liverano bespoke suit takes 11 months in making, involving Antonio Liverano himself, his master tailors, head tailor and tailors in total over 70 hours of pure craftsmanship to deserve to be labelled bespoke.

Is it worth the wait?

The suit that travels
44,455 km in

The 21st Century 
where everything is

Bespoke is one of the words being thrown around most frequently in the past couple of years. It literally means "made for a particular customer or user" - it depends to what extent one would go for, some just engrave the initials of the customer and here comes the bespoke but not with the Italians and definitely not with Liverano & Liverano. Antonio Liverano takes "bespoke" or "su misura" very seriously - quite frankly, the most seriously in the sartorial world.

Why so serious?