Linkage to SOMCHAI

The Somchai is known as a Gentlemen Lifestyle Brand offering its clients finest classic menswear. 
In other words, classic menswear is not trendy, it doesn’t come and go, it stays as it is, it is fashionable but it does not wear out by the same time next year.

Once we want to have our own bar or a café, we do not wish it to be trendy, we do not wish it to spark quickly then go out as soon as the wind blows.

This philosophy applies to the coffee and cocktails we serve.


It has always been our dream to have a place for a nice kick from a fine genuine espresso.
Sans righteous judgements, everyone has their own preference for their coffees, for us, we prefer genuine Italian coffee and its rich culture.

A cafe in a daytime that turns into a bar as the night falls.


VERO means true / genuine in Italian as we are serving simple and authentic coffees, cocktails and food, real ones; no gibberish before you can get a sip, no need for an explanation for the food you are about to eat.

In short - The Somchai VERO is authentic, is simple, is genuine, it's where everything comes without any nonsense.

The Somchai VERO is not trendy, it's not happening. It's a simple sort of place and that somehow makes it such a unicorn in this artificial post code.

The café starts serving from 08:00 until 20:00 as when people are looking for something else, something to get them sail smoothly into the night.

As soon as it is no longer illegal to serve alcohol at 17:00, The Somchai provides finest selection of beers, wine and cocktails.