Liverano & Liverano sartoria are one of the last remaining Florentine tailoring houses, and are widely recognized as one of the finest bespoke tailors in the world. From its humble beginnings, the Liverano & Liverano atelier has become an iconic sartoria for gentlemen across the world. The Florentine brand continues to work with some of the best international men’s clothiers.

We, the Somchai has been working with Liverano & Liverano sartoria since 2016. Being the first tailor and brand that we worked with, they are providing us not only the great quality product but also set a high standard when it comes to work ethic in this business.

At the Somchai, we offer wide range of products and services from Liverano & Liverano sartoria from a ready-to-wear suit to shirts to accessories as well as a made-to-order suit and shirt. Most importantly we offer a bespoke tailoring experience with them as well.

Product and delivery time

  • Ready-to-wear item : 1-2 weeks
  • Made-to-order item : 8-10 weeks ( Minimum 1 in-house fitting required )
  • Made-to-measure item : 8-10 weeks ( Minimum 1 in-house fitting required)
  • Bespoke item : 1 year ( Minimum 2 trunkshow fitting required)