We are an Italian Restaurant & Bar located in Thonglor.

Food made from heart, dish by dish with authentic Italian ingredients.

and the best quality of ingredients that we could find.


Welcome you as a guest to our home, enjoy chef's spacial menu with good selection of wines.

vero trattoria & bar

Our Chef..
Chef Joseba EJJ

Executive Chef - Joseba E. Jimenez Jimenez (European Certified Masterchef)

Chef Joseba Jimenez de Jimenez is one of the European certified chefs who has over 4 decades of experiences in European culinary in Europe and throughout the world. His career has started from being a waiter and he has worked his way through to become a chef, he worked under several world-renowned chefs who he called his masters, who for instance are Juan Mari Azark, Martin Berasategui and several others. Also, he has had the opportunities to cook for customers who are famous public figures who later become his friends.

Chef Joseba’s cooking philosophy is based on slow food movement as a diplomates European Master Chef and follow slow food and Euro-toques* philosophies and their commandments.

* Euro-toques is the association represents European Craftsmen committing themselves to defend the quality and taste of food products, by enhancing the know-how of professionals, the development and promotion of exchanging experiences, ideas and new technologies while respecting the European culinary tradition.

The Euro-Toques chefs are mobilising to guarantee consumers a healthy diet, defend the European Culinary Heritage and undertake to give the consumer quality and safety.

Once called the Spaniard Basque Escoffier by a prestigious culinary magazine in the United States bring with his deep knowledge of culinary, history and worldwide culture a mystic and wonderful level of complicated simplicity in his dishes.

Believe in history and sociology related with gastronomy. With 4 different career fields he had the professional soldier discipline with medical basic training... Lots of business experiences and logistical hospitality human and public relations. Four years nominated by James Beard Foundation and Zagat books in USA. Japanese PIA tourism destination magazine. Better Business bureau king county. 17 apprenticeship stars in Michelin restaurants. Master che of the EC. American Master chef many other prizes prizes making his carreer a star. Now at Vero...


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